Buying technology early

20 Dec

We all know Thanksgiving to Christmas is the largest buying season of the year, as such companies are on their A game marketing to us buyers, trying to win our valuable holiday dollars.  As such, there has been a blitz of commercials for this year’s top technology trends touting bleeding edge technology.  But, what happens when the technology that was marketed is still in Beta and not quite ready for consumption by the general public?

That’s what happened to us with the new Google Chromecast.  A fantastic technology, in concept, but in reality it was a mess of an operating system that was difficult to set up and confusing at best on how to use in the manner we wanted. 

In the commercials you see families quickly pushing data from their laptops to computers, flying through pictures/movies/etc.  In reality, you have to download “apps” for very specific programs (Netflix, youtube, hbo).  These would be great, if my TV didn’t already have all these “channels” configured.  What did we gain from google chrome? – About two hours of frustration and a device that adds no new technology to our house.

There is hope though – Google is currently building out their browser streaming now which should allow you to stream anything you see on google chrome to the TV.  Now, this would be an amazing capability.  While still in beta with a few select customers today, it promises the ease and flexibility promised in all of their commercials.    So, my husband and I will hold on to our useless Chromecast streamer in hopes that sometime next year we can utilize the functionality we bought it for.

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