Looking Back – a decade gone

06 Dec



Today marks the end of my 20’s and the supposed start of the “good” decade, one where my career is finally established, bills are paid, and children are young enough to still be fun.  While I look forward to this new chaper in my life, I also reminnes on the freedom that comes in your 20’s.  No longer am I free to take off on a moment’s whim or enjoy the luxury that comes with owning nothing.  I fully cherished my 20’s and took this decade to discover who I was, taking on multiple roles and challenges both in my career and life.  Looking back, this is what I would have wanted that fresh faced optimistic 20 year old me to know:

  • Let everyone know the real you, you are a great person
  • Not everyone is going to like you, it’s ok
  • Stop stressing, good things will come out of the bad
  • Don’t eat that cake!!!  Seriously, put down the chocolate!
  • Stop trying to live up to who everyone else wants you to be and follow your own passions
  • Love those around you fully and deeply
  • Learn to forgive your mistakes
  • Sunscreen!!!  You will care what you look like at 40, I promise.
  • Go on more exotic vacations, you won’t have time for them once you can afford them
  • Call your mother, you have more in common than you think
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