Emphasizing the Customer Experiance

22 Nov

Through most of my adult life I have interviewed contractors and made my decision criteria based heavily on costs.  There was little questioning done around customer service and, not working in the industry,y I hadn’t really realized what a difference having a customer centric model can do.

This time around, I did things differently.  With buying our new home we focused on our needs and people that would make our lives easier, pushing budget and costs to the back (at least until it was time to negotiate).  What was delivered were a few highly skilled/customer focused individuals that we were then able to have bid for our business.

The difference was amazing!  Not only did we end up with quality service at great prices, but we found the contractors and skilled professionals we contracted with would go out of their way to help make the entire process efficient and easy.  There was no frantic phone calls and stress with lost paperwork.  Everyone knew what their job was and they were proficient at it.

Going with the companies that focused on their customer from the beginning of the sales cycle provided my family with the easiest and most stress free process, and I know this is something we will continue to look for in the future.

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