Saying Goodbye

13 Nov

When my son was born I felt very protective, almost primitive, and had very strong ideas about whom and how I wanted him raised.  When Jana entered my life it was like a prayer being answered.  Here was a woman with all my same values.  She believed in cloth diapers and organic veggies.  She was tough, but loving.  Here was a person I could entrust my son too, knowing he would be raised the way I would have had I decided to stay at home.  Over the past year she has become a part of our family and a second mother to my son.  I truly believed she was going to be there for him for all his major milestones as well as his bumps and bruises.  I wanted this for him, someone who could give him their whole heart and provide that sense of security when I wasn’t available.

Then Monday happened, and everything fell apart.  Our values no longer saw eye to eye and I found myself flailing to find common ground.  My husband and I took the next week trying to find ways to keep our relationship with Jana going, but the more we looked into it the more we realized it was time to part ways.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye to my son’s second mother and the glue that kept me together through his sleepless nights when he was very young.  Now, pushing 9 months, Nolan isn’t as dependent as he once was, and I know he will do well in a traditional day care center, but it is still hard to come to the realization that the person we thought was going to raise him for the next 5 years is really only going to be here until the end of the year.

So this is my goodbye to a woman who helped us make it through our first year as new parents and was always there to lend a helping hand.

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