Parenting in the Digital Age

05 Nov

When my son Nolan was born, now 8 months ago, I had this idealized image of how I wanted to parent.  I wanted to give him 100% of me, no phones/computers/tv interrupting our precious bonding time together.  Working full time, we only have a few hours together and I wanted to make the most of it.

8 months later, the tides have changed.  While I still try to give him 100% of my attention, I haven’t really gotten that far away from technology and am amazed at how quickly this new generation is adapting to technology.

Take for example the iPad.  My son, in his very small time here, has already learned that he can “talk” to family members on the other side.  We have completely migrated off all cell phone use while at home and instead communicate exclusively via Skype and Facetime.  Nolan has learned the sound of the ring tone vs. others in our house and will perk up excitedly and crawl over to talk with his grandparents.  Additionally, when he is really upset, we will purposely call grandma and grandpa and he will immediately calm down and start to play with them. (Apparently, mommy is only fun for so long).

Then comes the notion of no TV/Internet.  Nolan is fascinated with our computers and it makes me challenge the idea that interacting with modern technology is necessarily a bad thing.  My generation wasn’t really immersed into technology the same way that today’s generation is and we are considered to be technology pros.  Is it a bad thing to want my son to have experience on digital devices and start learning the skills that will make him competitive when he is older?

There are a lot of pros and cons to technology and children, I think moving forward I need to learn to be more flexible and help my son learn while still providing the mommy time I cherish.

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