Do sales reps expect more from other sales reps?

18 Oct

In most industries, professionals hate working with their own kind.  This is especially true when you talk to doctors as they tend to self diagnose.  This leads me to wonder, do sales reps do the same?

Over the past week I have had the privilege of trying to hire contractors to do various jobs around our new house; from new flooring and replacing the carpets upstairs to updating all of our single pane windows.  These are all real jobs with real money already saved and allocated for that no one seems interested in working for. 

In sales, there are four major categories we are looking for to understand if the sale is legitimate: Money (budget is allocated), Timeframe (relatively soon), Need (reason job needs to be done) and Authority (who holds the purse strings).  In any other circumstance I would expect this to be highly qualified and sales reps jumping at the opportunity to work with us.  Instead, I practically have to beg for contractor’s attention and absolutely zero follow through.  So I come back, am I just expecting too much out of an industry that has yet to take on a real sales process?

What I look for when selecting a company or contractor:

  • Access to technology.  It’s the 21st century people, learn to use a computer.
  • Follow through.  Why should I trust you on the job if you can’t respond to an email?
  • Recommendations.  Listen to I want and expand on what I’m thinking, it’s not hard to have an opinion.

What I’ve learned most this week: treat others the way you want to be treated.  Hopefully these experiences just make me better for the customers I interact with.

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