The New-Age consumer and how I bought a house without an agent

10 Oct

In an earlier post, I wrote about how the consumer market is changing.  No longer are we dependant on Sales Reps telling us why we need their products and solutions.  The internet has made us smarter and we not only are doing our own market research, but we are demanding it.

This past weekend epitomized this new phenom in my life and solidified my ideas that we as sales reps need to be adapting to the way our consumers make decisions.  After months of toil, and many many offers, my husband and I finally signed on a house!  (Yes, yes…applause everywhere!)  This experience was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time, and how we did it was against the tradition of hiring an agent to represent us.

After the first month of house searching, my husband and I quickly realized that our agent wasn’t working for us.  Being of a generation very aware of the internet and our digital resources we always knew about houses on the market before he did.  Additionally, one of the major reasons for utilizing an agent (understanding the market and how to price a house) completely failed as we were often 10’s of thousands of dollars off when putting in offers.  I could have done better at choosing prices by playing darts blindfolded.

This is when we decided to try our hand at Redfin and their technology focused, consumer driven sales engine.  Now, we were in charge of our destiny and I’ll tell you first was empowering. 

Everyday my husband and I got a list of new houses on the market.  We would shift through everything and find the ones that matched what we were looking for and make appointments to see the houses online through Redfin’s app.  Then, someone nice from the company would meet us at the house to let us in, allowing us the time to do a thorough inspection on our own terms.  For the houses we liked, we could put in an offer digitally through their app again…and then Dennis (our assigned Redfin agent) would give us a quick call to go over everything (15 minutes max).  It was so easy, and I never felt sold to or harassed for taking my time in finding the right place that would soon be our home.

Were there challenges in finding a home this way?  Absolutely! – but, they are all challenges I don’t believe having a traditional agent would have mitigated and this way we made part of the commission back!

Technology is allowing us as consumers become more educated in the products we are purchasing and business, like Redfin, who take advantage of this changing model are going to continue to see an influx in customer base for this ease of use.

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