Backup vs. Continuous Data Protection

10 Oct

personal-cloudOver the past couple of weeks, I have run into the same question from many of our customers: “Do I need CDP and can EMC help?” so I wanted to take a moment to go through this concept from a high level view.

Customers often have a need to make a secondary copy of their primary data for either regulatory compliance or security against lost/theft/corruption.  This is typically done in the form of a “backup” or offline secondary copy.  Most of these “copies” are done in batch shifts either off hours or during slow times during the day, and companies are able to keep multiple copies of this data to have different instances to recover from.

Another way customers are protecting themselves is through replication, either asynchronous(batch) or synchronous(every write is duplicated).  In this manner, the company would have a secondary exact copy of the primary data offsite.  The benefit of this type of recovery plan is that you now have a fully executable copy that does not need to be recovered from in order to use so that in the case of a true disaster the time that the company is “down” is minimized.  But, there is only a single copy of the data so if there were any deletions or corruptions of the data that was replicated onto the second device.

What CDP does is combine the benefits of synchronous replication so that there is close to zero data loss with batch backups in that you have multiple copies of the data. And, because we are tracking the data for every write done, customers are able to recover to any point in time, not just when the batch jobs were created.  This provides a huge advantage to companies where data loss of any type cannot happen.

So, is this right for you?  I have to assume every company wants zero data loss in the case of a disaster, but the real question is what is your data worth?  CDP is one of the more expensive types of backup/disaster recovery and so the conversations I have with my customers is around what the cost of loosing that data is and then determining if the cost of CDP outweighs the cost of loosing this data.

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