Making Time

23 Aug

In a world where long hours and always being on are expected how do you learn to balance the demands and challenges present with work with being always available to your family?  This is a dilemma many of my “working moms” friends discuss.  How do you find time to be there for the major milestones your children are going through?

With more women challenging the idea that you can “do it all” or be “superwoman”, I am finding that companies are becoming more flexible to help accommodate this new generation of working mothers.  Gone are the days where young parents are willing to work 50-60 hours in the office to get ahead in their careers, instead we are starting to see demands for flexibility in how and when we work.  Additionally, families are choosing careers that offer balance in schedules.

How are we doing this?  By choosing companies that respect and help young families balance and have a focus on flexibility to achieve family harmony and a successful career. 

In my current role, our team was challenged with covering all US hours: 8 am EST to 6 pm PST.  Unfortunately, this would normally mean missing dinner and bedtime with my son.  Instead of having to make a case around family unity and the importance of this time together, our management team suggested a schedule that allows me to take 4 hours in the evening to do “family time” and meet the needs of the business.

Our generation is redefining not only gender roles, but the way we interact with our companies and are demanding that businesses understand our priorities around the family unit.  I am excited to be a part of a new age where career progression and family unity can co-exist.

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