Personal Streaming – and what you’re going to want to share

17 Jul

personal-cloudWe are becoming a society that excessively shares.  From creating online photo albums for family to tweeting about what we had for lunch, we share our lives with those around us becoming a nation and society where personal boundaries are slowly eroding.  In my humble opinion, I believe this is helping us stay connected with those too far away to talk to every day.  Data and the proliferation of the ability to store through third parties has allowed us to follow the most minute details of friends long forgotten, keeping that friendship strong when daily contact is no longer available.

So why, with all this access to technology and the trends of over sharing would we not start streaming some of our more exciting events with friends and family who could not otherwise celebrate with us? 

Being a tech-geek at heart, I jumped on this bandwagon of early adapters and have streamed many life events since moving across the country and away from my family.  From graduations to baby showers, my family has always been invited to share without having to fork over $500+ for a plane ticket to Boston.

Now, it seems, this trend is starting to take off and there are many companies out there evangelizing on this next generation event attendance.  Teams of people can show up to your Wedding and broadcast it for all to see, allowing brides the small/intimate wedding of their dreams without having to offend second cousins and long lost friends.  I can even see a future where these broadcasts are retained in the cloud, eliminating the need for home movies collecting dust on book shelves.

What events would you share?

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Posted by on July 17, 2013 in Technology


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