Living with Doctors, the epic battle of trying to understand

07 Jun

I’m not sure if there are many families out there like mine. To date, we have 3 Ph.D’s in science and engineering, 1 MD and 2 CPA’s with another Ph.D in the making. Take that and add in the fact that most of our friends are also Ph.D’s and you can imagine the type of conversations going on every night. Most evenings this poor little techy just smiles and nods trying to understand as superfluous words are thrown around.

Well, last night was no exception. At the dinner table everyone started talking about the different scientific enigmas they are all working on (all bio-medical) and trying to help each other brainstorm ideas while my friend’s husband and I stared blankly with very little contribution. Is this what it’s like for the family members of us techies when we get into our grove? Random nonsense and white noise while our loved ones bob along as we discuss the intricacies of converged architectures.

Last night I thought I even had my moment of glory, where data was ever so briefly brought up and I thought this was my door to changing the subject to my mastery. But, no one really wants to hear about Hadoop and how Big Data Scientists are helping to accelerate scientific discoveries. So there I was again reaching to understand.
While I love and admire the passions and accomplishments of my family, some days it’d be nice to understand what their saying.

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