How the Cloud is Transforming the way New Yorkers Commute

31 May


Imagine, waking up and heading downstairs for your daily commute by bike. But instead of unlocking your own personal bike, you log into an app on your iPhone and check the status of the closest bike hub walk down and grab a ride. This is what thousands of New Yorkers are doing today.

Owning a bike in a big city can be cumbersome. First you have to worry about daily maintenance, pumped up tires and oiled chains. Then, you are ultimately worrying about theft and is your bike secured in a good location.
New York City transportation took these concerns and turned, like so many large cities today, to bike share. Customers, or citizens of NY, are able to get a bike card (think monthly train card) and take out bikes on demand for kiosks around the city. This is a fantastic program that not only promotes physical activity, but dramatically reduces congestion for local travel, which is a major problem for anyone who has ever visited the big apple.

Now, I’m not sure how many people have used these bike share programs before; but coming from a major consumer I can tell you finding bikes where you want them and then finding spaces available at your final destination is a serious issue. It always seems like the bikes are congested together at the same hubs leaving me stranded with no where to park.

Enter New York’s sophisticated cloud! New York’s transportation department generated an app that customers can download onto their iPhone allowing them to check the status of different hubs around the city; letting them know where they can pick up a bike, and where they can drop it off. Additionally, city workers can monitor for congestion and use patterns so that they can move bikes to where they are missing. This cloud media is allowing the city and its citizens to commute faster and more efficiently, which makes you think: what can the cloud do for you?

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