How the cloud has brought my family together

23 May


From a personal standpoint, I never really thought much about my own personal data or ever needing to use “the cloud”. For the most part my data consumption outside of work has been, up to this point, very limited. And then it happened I had a baby. Being 3000 miles away from my family, everyone was asking for new ways to connect and be a part of Nolan’s (cute name right!) life through technology.

To help our long distance family members watch as Nolan grows we set up a Picasa library that anyone could log into and see our daily escapades. This, I found, was an amazing and terrible mistake. After just a few days we got tons of requests from Grandparents to load up MORE photos. Thinking my son is the most adorable thing on the planet, I was happy to oblige. Now, 3 months down the road we are still going strong. In addition to having a great place to share, I feel great knowing all of his first days are backed up somewhere besides my own personal computer. Plus, it’s a lot of free storage, which at the rate I’m going we would need our own personal NAS!

With the proliferation of data sharing through Facebook, YouTube and Picasa the need to stay close to home isn’t as great. This made me stop and think: how did families stay this strongly connected BEFORE cloud? So, I’d like to throw out a big thank-you to the many companies investing in cloud technologies so that we can continue to stay connected to the ones we love.

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  1. EMC_CloudNClear

    May 23, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Nice article ! And really nice name right! 🙂


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