Work/Life balance…and the Power of IT

21 May

The past three months have been some of the best and most exhausting of my adult life. You see, I just gave birth to an amazing little man who has drastically changed my life. While long sleepless nights gave way to incredible days of constant growth, my son and I bonded in a way that only a mother and her child can. While going through this transition in my life to mother, I have grown such a profound appreciation for my mother and the sacrifices I can only now understand.
My mother, like so many out there, was torn between the needs of her family with the pressure and guilt of her career. She strove to be one of the top accountants in her firm, and by all signs was progressing quickly into upper management when the pull of home became too great and she made the awesome decision to be a stay at home mom, to which I am forever grateful.

Unlike our parent’s generation, companies today are making great investments in technology to help ease work/life balance for all of their employees and in consequence are retaining top talent that would have otherwise left the workforce. I have been blessed with one such company.
For me, making the transition back from motherhood has been an easy one. EMC has allowed me to convert my role from strictly office based to one where I can work from home part time; which, being part of an inbound sales team seemed a little daunting. With investments in technologies like cloud based phone systems for inbound, cisco’s webex and microsoft’s office communicator I feel like I am “virtually” in the office and have found no interruption to my daily routine (minus a little more spit-up on my clothes). In an age full of multi-media, I love taking advantage of the many ways EMC has invested to video chat instead of text or email and have found that utilizing these technologies allows me to stay connected with colleague and customers on a much more personal level than when I was even in the office.
With such huge advances in the way we communicate and collaborate, I am surprised that there are companies (Yahoo) reverting back to unpopular anti-family based policies. I for one am proud to work for such a forward thinking, family first company like EMC and feel blessed that my company has made it easy to balance motherhood with my career.

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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Life


One response to “Work/Life balance…and the Power of IT

  1. ejamerson

    May 21, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Great post. it is a special time for you and it is a blessing that you have the flexibility. Not only can you be happier and less stressed at home but you will probably be just as if not more productive at work as well. Proud of you and extremely happy for you.


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